Bad Judgement du Jour. Starlets Who Get Their Own Series and Their Own Clothing Line.

December 29, 2010 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo

Olivia Palermo in Spanish Vogue

So its almost 2011. Isn't time for this little "Let's give every privileged rich kid her own reality series" trend to be over? Can someone please spare us the hours and hours of pre-packaged melodrama over a bad hair day, a boy who won't call back and a back-stabbing best friend? Sigh. Apparently not.

Not only is this trend NOT coming to end, it seems to be escalating! The past few months have involved plans for not one but two reality series centered on girls that think the entire world wants to watch their every move. Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo are both in the midst of filming their own reality shows, focusing on, well, them. That's all well and good for the pre-tweens and closet fanatics that worship the ground they walk on. But why, we ask, do they have to tread into the realm of fashion and make us all deal with yet another horrendously bad clothing line?

Lauren Conrad in Teen Vogue

Palermo recently told Spanish Vogue in a recent feature that her show will debut after the unveiling of her soon to be revealed clothing line while Conrad, who already has a line for Kohl's under her belt, wants her entire show to center around the operation of her new line, Paper Crown. Is anyone else bored, resigned and just overall jaded by these developments? Why can't it become hip for young, trendy yet talentless rich girls to take up something like snowboarding or water polo and just leave the fashion industry alone? Who knows, maybe in 2012.

-Alia Rajput

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