Ivanka Trump’s Shoe Collection: Pay Up or Pass?

January 4, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo


Ivanka Trump and sketches of her line of shoes
Ivanka Trump, shrewd business tycoon and beloved daughter of The Donald, has always led a sort of, shall we say, charmed life. Seemingly having received everything she's ever wanted her entire life, its no surprise that the young Trump became famous for her Imelda Marcos-sized collection of shoes. And what would a businesswoman be without capitalizing on something she knew best? Enter: The Ivanka Trump fashion empire—including jewelry, apparel, handbags, and of course, shoes.

Upon hearing the news, we had high hopes for the shoe collection. As part of a licensing deal with Marc Fisher Footwear, the Ivanka Trump footwear line debuted in major department stores like Nordstrom, Macy's and Lord & Taylor last month. The line reportedly consists of 140 styles, including pumps in leopard skin, evening shoes inspired by her jewelry and even a casual collection with jellies and sneakers. Most styles range from $50 to $120, with everything under $200.

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Various styles from the Ivanka Trump shoe line

Sounds great, right? Ready to go shop some stylish Trump steppers? Well, there's just one problem: the collection is a snoozefest. After navigating various styles in the department stores, there is not one style that has not already been done to death, most by similar so-called celeb shoe designers like Jessica Simpson or Carlos Santana. The glittery platform pump? Yawn. The bright red open-toe with ankle strap? Snore. The buckled, hemp-colored mule? Ugh. If Steve Madden and Guess had a litter of their popular, (albeit most generic) styles, then it would closely resemble this. At least Christian Siriano put his own unique spin on his line of shoes. And that was for Payless!

This is my own personal opinion, which you may or not agree. Yet for someone who claims to know fashion so well and who clearly has the disposable income to take some risks, why is there no innovation?  I still admire her sense of style of course, I just wish she had taken owned the project a bit more. So what do you think, dear readers: would you pay up or pass on Ivanka Trump's new footwear collection?

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: The New York Post

Photo Source: Stylefrizz.com, Macys'.com

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