Donna Karan: Lucky Sevens

January 5, 2011 • Yahoo


Bonnie J Brown for Second City Style Magazine

Happy New Year! As 2011 unfolds we are greeted with unlimited possibilities of achieving something grand and the chance of reaching new milestones. But before looking too far ahead, it’s good to remember the achievements that were met in 2010. Donna Karan celebrating 25 years of her fashion line is one such achievement worthy of remembering.

In 1985 Donna Karan, who had been designing for the Anne Klein brand since 1967, branched out on her own to create a line of clothing that contained seven essential (or easy) pieces. The seven pieces were inspired from her lack of being able to find clothing she felt comfortable in. She presumed that if she couldn’t find the perfect black skirt other women couldn’t either. The easy pieces, all black, were designed to be mixed and matched and be able take a woman from day to night. It was a clothing line made by an urban, modern, working woman for urban, modern, working women. Unlike many of the clothing women were wearing at this time, which was very similar to what men were wearing (think power suit) Karan’s collection was intended to be worn in layers, with the first and most important layers being that of the bodysuit and leggings. Having been a yogi at a very young age, long before it became popular, Karan’s use of jersey and draped silhouettes encourage ease of movement and often resemble something a dancer would wear.

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