Top Four Celebrity Inspirations of 2010

January 9, 2011 • Magazine

Top Four Celebrity Inspirations of 2010

Top Four Celebrity Inspirations of 2010

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Simona Kogan

2010 was certainly the year for fashion in the mainstream. Just take a look at Fashion’s Night Out, designer/retail collaborations, and the number of “civilian” attendees clamoring to get into one of the shows during New York Fashion Week. But beyond that 2010 was truly the year for celebrity fashion as celebs brought their own fashion to the mainstream with celebrity endorsements, picture poses in designer looks for paparazzi, and celebrity trends that were imitated and duplicated for the general public.

There were a few celebrity names that stood out because of what they did for fashion in 2010. And yes, while we can target Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Venus Williams for really going above and beyond with outrageous ensembles – that’s not who we’re talking about.

These celebrities did something special for the world of fashion in 2010 and that’s why I’ve named them my celebrity inspirations for 2010.

The Kardashian Sisters And Hip-Hugging Dresses
First it was JLo who taught it was OK to have a little booty and now that she is all grown up with a husband and kids, the world is still full of the celebrities that are rail-thin and skinny twigs. Lucky for us, this was the year for the Kardashian sisters, two of whom are not model skinny and blossoming in their curvaceousness.

This was THE year for Kim Kardashian. Popeater called her the celebrity of the year. She came out with books, jewelry, fragrances, a clothing line and diamond earring collaborations. But beyond all that, she always kept her figure tightly wound for all to see – in bandage dresses, tight leggings, and sultry sheaths, always making sure to let her behind do the talking. Kudos to her and Khloe Kardashian, the two sisters who aren’t stick thin and still not afraid to show some skin.

Olivia Palermo And Mix-matched Textures
In a society where the general public (celebs included) were thriving in mismatched prints, mismatched colors, and mismatched textures, this socialite and former reality star of The City stood out in her uncanny ability to mix different types of pieces to formulate award winning outfits. She always looked spot-on in Proenza Schouler booties or a sharp-shouldered blazer paired with a top in a color we were never expecting. Olivia is far more risk-taking then some of her celeb counterparts.

Though she does wear brand names, you will see her in offbeat additions like patterned cardigans or yellow heels. Additions that still seem to work. For this reason, Olivia is one of the few stars that can actually pull of the mismatched textures look. She has proved it time and time again, especially in this photo – a silk pink tulip skirt, feathered top, and a sheer gray cardi seem all wrong and yet, work completely well together.

Victoria Beckham And Victoria Beckham
In a land of so many celebrity label losers and so many star style faux-pas, Victoria Beckham has come out on top in more ways then one. She always has been one to take cues from, but now she has finally translated that over to her much talked about designer line of dresses worn by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, and Eva Longoria. Who knew Ms. Beckham’s fashion sense was so innate? The rumor is that she does not gift clothes to anyone – meaning that all the celebs that are wearing her pieces (Elle MacPherson, Heidi Klum, etc.) are paying full price to squeeze into her feminine pieces that seem to easily slip around a woman’s figure in a basic way with the most luscious fabrics and a few stand-out patterns.

Sarah Jessica Parker And Nikolas Kirkwood Shoes
Perhaps SJP’s own sense of style is nothing like the role she played on Sex and The City. Typically we see her in basic jeans and a casual shirt walking her son to school or strolling through NYC. We always wait for a lavish tutu or a ruffled hem to make its appearance but on average she only does that at lavish celeb events. And even when she does show up at one of those events, her style is much more structured than that of Carrie Bradshaw; you’ll likely see her in crisp blazers and pantsuits rather than a risk-taking ball gown (though there have been a few instances, we all remember the Alexander McQueen gown and Phillip Treacy headdress at an SATC2 premiere.)

One thing I’ve always noticed about SJP though – even when she doesn’t dress up her clothing in the manner of Carrie Bradshaw, there is always one element that stands out. Usually that is her shoes. She proved that once again by wearing Nikolas Kirkwood lace and spray-paint heels on more than one occasion. Sarah Jessica has shown us that we don’t always have to wear bright colors or patterns to make an outfit pop. Sometimes, it’s all in the shoes.

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