Gearing Up For 2011.

January 10, 2011 • Yahoo

My gym suffered a hostile take-over from a hearty group of people that like ring in every New Year on top of a treadmill. Wearing whatever they find around the house; whether is be mismatching tube socks, denim jean shorts, or Flash Dance collector's items. Each item somehow was incorporated into a potpourri of frightfully sad and sometimes hilarious workout gear.

I'm not going to lie, I've put together some pretty taboo things just to have something clean to wear at the gym but I've never felt great on those days either. I always felt less energetic and not as motivated as when I have something really cute to wear.

So instead of the old stand-by resolution of losing weight this year, I'm going to invest in some decent activewear to help me get to the gym and keep my spirits up through a tough spin class or an intense lift session. If your goals are similar to mine then check out the list I've compiled that includes everything for a put-together look while your training for that hot bod.

Who knows, maybe we'll be able to concentrate on all that hot muscles instead of all of those hot messes with our newly revamped fitness gear for 2011!

-Yen Le

Items in the set:

adidas – Run Performance Jacket – Run, $180
adidas Women's Sports Apparel and Clothing, $85
Espera II Ballerina Flats – PUMA Online Shop, $70
adidas Women's Yoga Shoes, Apparel, and Equipment, $65
Puma 'Fitness Lux' Gym Bag, $59.95
RumbaTime Link Watch, $25
Pink Apple Ipod, $49


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