Off-Topic: We Can’t Dress Our Age

January 10, 2011 • Off-Topic


Have you always had a slight feeling that all of womens' clothing seemed to be skewed a bit towards the younger side? That outfits were more for the teenage crowd? It's not your imagination.

A new study from the major United Kingdom department store Debenhams shows that women are not actually dressing their age, nor do they want to… until they hit 70.

"According to new research carried out by the retailer, an overwhelming 89% of women aspire to dress younger than their years with 55% citing 70 as the age they felt they would be, or had been happy to dress their age. However, 45% of women said that their seventies would be no barrier to dressing and looking younger. Debenhams asked customers if they had ever dressed their age following revelations from personal shoppers that 95% of female clients aim to look more youthful."

-Taneisha Jordan


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One Response to Off-Topic: We Can’t Dress Our Age

  1. MJ says:

    This makes me wonder if the clothes out there won’t KEEP skewing younger and younger- because our perception of what looks “old” is mistaken? I know that the twenty-somethings mostly look to me as if they’re dressing like teenagers, which means that if I, in my early thirties, want to dress like I’m in my twenties I run the risk of looking like I too am trying to dress like a teen.
    Makes me even more grateful for the classic women who aged gracefully like Jackie O.

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