Beauty Buzz. Glee and OPI Strike a Chord with New Polish Collection

January 12, 2011 • Beauty

Are you a bonafide Gleek? Have every episode's playlist memorized? Lust after an actor with the first name Chord? Seriously, people. And while I'm not a Gleek personally (still waiting patiently for my Mad Men to return), I guess I can see the fun and campy appeal, especially now that the show has collaborated with OPI to make a Glee-themed nail polish collection.

The polishes hit stores and salons next month and—don't worry—are of course labeled in the most indulgently witty Glee-isms one could imagine. Names include Slushied (an opaque blue), Hell to the No (a bold purple), Gleek Out (a lime glittery green), Diva-in-Training (a poppy pink), Who Let The Dorks Out (a peacock green), Miss Bossy Pants (a rich raspberry), and Mash-Up (a pearlescent green gray).

The polishes will retail for $9.50 individually or $22 for a mini-set of six. Chic Prints for Nail Design Appliques will also carry three Glee-themed designs. And yes, we even have your next question answered as well. According to WWD, the collection will be featured on the February 8 episode of Glee, so you can actually match your nails to the cast. I got a little nauseated just writing that.

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: WWD

Photo Source: Refinery 29

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