Is Rachel Zoe a Copycat?

January 12, 2011 • Fashion


Rachel Zoe
's new collection has just been viewed for the first time and there is already some controversy!

Teen Vogue Fashion News Director Jane Keltner deValle tweetpic'd a picture of one of Zoe's new pieces next to a page from Teen Vogue in their October 2007 issue. Zoe made one of the Vogue interns Elana Fishman model it … and now the dress shows up in Zoe's collection four years later.

The sequin dress, which is a vintage from What Comes Around Goes Around, looks  almost identical to Zoe's or is it that Zoe's looks identical to the vintage dress? What do you think: Will Zoe's "designing" skills will be put on trial for this?

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: Twitter, Fashionista
Photo: Twitter

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