Massimo Dogana Makes The Worst Shoe For a Job Interview

January 12, 2011 • Accessories

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You know that one day a month when you want everyone to just leave you alone? Well Massimo Dogana has got you covered to give everyone a heads up that you don't want to mess around. 

For a mere $1,095 you can offend everyone you walk by, and be assured that you will be left alone when you wear these less-than-subtle shoes. In a peep-toe bootie or platform pump sandal style, your feet can be secured by a hand flipping off all passerby's while the message on the pump confirms your feelings. 

How do we feel about these shoes? Cheeky or just plain offensive?

-Kat Bremhorst

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3 Responses to Massimo Dogana Makes The Worst Shoe For a Job Interview

  1. Carol says:

    I think the “more subtle” sandal will sell better! Actually I think these are more like art pieces than fashion statements. It will be fun to see who and if anyone actually wears them. Too tame for Lady Gaga.

  2. Great design so far i never see that kind of style its a unique…Love it

  3. Let’s not beat around the bush. These shoes are TACKY. However, what is truly and unforgivably offensive is the price tag….

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