Beauty Buzz. The Sweet Smell of…What?!!!

January 13, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo


Sure, we're bouncing back from the recession but is this really the best way to get people motivated again? A recent Japanese study showed workers became more efficient around the smell of money. So as one of the few professions that's able to test that theory out, perfumeur Patrick McCarthy decided to infuse that freshly-minted scent into his new fragrance line, Liquid Money. The women's scent, called Her Money, mixes pink grapefruit, mandarin, freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flower, and melon, McCarthy is striving to create the perfect balance of aromas that resemble a whole lotta moula—rich and citrusy, but not too sweet.

There's also a men's scent called His Money with a similar, yet more masculine formula. Arguably, the most fun part is that both scents come packaged in a box of shredded U.S. bills. As far as efficiency goes, we invite any of our readers to write to us once they get a promotion based soley on their perfume. 

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: Refinery 29

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