Quality Vintage Items To Look For In 2011

January 14, 2011 • Magazine

Quality Vintage Items To Look For In 2011

Quality Vintage Items To Look For In 2011

Fri, 2000-01-14 06:00

Angel Cutsforth

If any of you are like me, you made the wardrobe resolution of quality over quantity this year. And while I might not be able to afford designer names which constitute quality, in most circumstances I can definitely save up for the vintage pieces that I would like to see in my closet this year – and for many years to come. See that’s the thing with vintage, if you get classic designs they never go out of style, and they have survived 20, 30, 40 years if not more, so the quality has to be good.

Especially seek wool suits from the 1950’s and 1960’s, when there was an abundance of skirt and dress suits then and some of the finest are still available today for around $100 and upwards. 1940’s suits also hold a place in my heart because of the fact that in the 1940’s with rationing and Make Do and Mend, the suits are of an amazing quality, usually made by hand by women themselves.


For a lot less than the latest “it” bag you can get a great quality vintage handbag, with features you just don’t see anymore. Bag feet – which in my opinion should never have been phased out, hard leather or frames to create stiff shapes that don’t twist, or change shape when you carry your life in it. I’m personally looking for a vintage doctor’s bag that I can use as a carry on bag for flights and holidays.

Little Black Dress

I already have three or four vintage little black dresses, for work, going out or for parties. But no matter what it’s for, vintage black dresses are amazing. For one, they have details that you don’t usually see on clothes now (one of mine has a built-in crinoline), and secondly, you know that even if it’s a shift dress, no one else has exactly the same dress as you. This year I’m thinking a full skirted shirtwaist, but I’ll probably go for another work dress a la Joan from Mad Men.

Gloves And Other Accessories

Vintage dress gloves are so much nicer than the itchy wool things we get today. I’d like to get a few pairs in different colors (no leather) so that I can match them to my outfits and give them a lady-like feel. I’d also like some more vintage brooches and scarves for my collection just to add a twist to my modern clothes and so that even if I’m wearing a simple dress I can add some interesting details.

All in all I feel that vintage allows a quality that we just don’t have with “fast fashion” we have everywhere. I think that if you’re looking for special items that will last a long time (they already have) then you should definitely look at buying some vintage.

1. Vintage 60’s Jack Feit Red Leopard Fur Trim Ladies Suit $90.99
2. Penny Lane Purse $26
3. 60s Vintage Little Black Dress Wiggle Style Waist Accent $98
4. Vintage 1940s Long Cocktail Gloves $45
5. Root Beer with Crystals Brooch $49

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