WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

January 14, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo

Chloe Sevigny at the "Big Love" viewing party in L.A.

Comment: Sevigny has a reputation for pushing the fashion envelope—usually into tragic territory. This outfit seems the perfect example of a time when an idea may have seemed innovative in theory, but ended up coming off looking like a Project Runway reject. Tablecloth fabric, midriff cutouts and lace-up shoes does not an A-list outfit make.

She's Thinking: I sewed it myself!

Jeanne Tripplehorn at the "Big Love" viewing party in L.A.

Comment: Here's another of the "Big Love" wives making a big fashion mistake. Jeanne is still a hot wife on the show, so why she would pick the most drab, unflattering excuse for a dress is beyond me. The t-shirt cut is bad, the length is bad, the fabric is bad, it literally looks like one big black "Don't" bar.  

She's Thinking: This is my Mormon chic

Milla Jovovich at a benefit in Beverly Hills

Comment: As a designer herself, one would think Milla would consider better proportion and fit for her lean frame, instead of draping it in a muumuu. Especially for a benefit. In winter. This look would maybe work in some exotic locale with the waves lapping at your feet. But its just random, out of place and obviously too long (see: her stepping on the bottom) for a Bulgari hosted event.

She's Thinking: But I'll be in the Caribbean later tonight!

Andrea Corrale at "The Millionaire Matchmaker" viewing party in New York

Comment: Sometimes a potentially good pattern goes bad when stretched across a poorly fitting garment as Andrea has, unfortunately, chosen here. She's not a big woman but this dress, between the sateen fabric and the gaudy print, does not do her figure justice. A classic What Not To Do!

She's Thinking: I'm a work of art!

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-Alia Rajput



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