Lady Gaga Mixes Music for Former Stylist Formichetti’s Debut

January 17, 2011 • Fashion

Nicola Formichetti

Men's Fashion Week is this week, and while we don't do much men's wear coverage at SCS, we like to keep up with all the buzz surrounding the latest collections. One of the most anticipated shows this year will be the debut collection of Nicola Formichetti, the new creative director at the Thierry Mugler and stylist to Lady Gaga.

Formichetti joined the Paris-based fashion and fragrance firm last September, overseeing two designers: Sébastien Peigné, a 10-year veteran of Balenciaga, for women's wear; and Romain Kremer, who has his own experimental Paris label, for men's. Formichetti has been generating hype for his premiere collection by setting up teaser images online for the past week, depicting a model coated in black latex and wearing a black biker jacket and spiked metal helmet.

Formichetti's DJ!

Yet in addition to the excitement surrounding Formichetti's collection, guests are getting antsy in anticipation of the show's soundtrack, which was reportedly created by none other than The Ga herself. Formichetti told WWD that the pop star would be "musical director" for the Wednesday show in Paris. No one is really sure what to expect, though it's rumored she will remix a never-heard track from her forthcoming album, due out in May.

-Alia Rajput 

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