Alexander Wang Rolls Out First-Ever Print Ad and Billboard

January 19, 2011 • Fashion


Alexander Wang has been a busy little bee. First, he's completed his FIRST-EVER print ad, exclusive to Interview Magazine’s March issue. Wang told WWD that he enlisted Karl Templer as stylist for the print-ad and Fabien Baron of Baron and Baron as creative director. Both work at the publication, Baron as editorial director and Templer as creative director.

Wang's other project is the highly anticipated billboard ad, set to be unveiled at the New York intersection of Lafayette and Great Jones Streets on Feb. 7.  The four images, shot by Craig McDean, feature model Aymeline Valade posing like something between a samurai and a ballet dancer. She is set against against a pale blue, empty background and it is unclear whether she is suspended in mid-air or flat on the ground. The colors were reportedly key to the shot, as Wang described, “We desaturated the colors, even drained her skin color a little bit, to make everything a little more austere." A video of the shoot will debut on March 1.

Both the ads lack any words besides Wang's name and Wang made sure that was on purpose. “We restrained from using those words, because you set yourself up for doing things in a systematic way — like rolling out ads in the magazines certain times of the year,” he said, wnoting he prefers the term “image piece.” “For us, it’s about testing the waters and doing something out of the box.”

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: WWD

Photo Source: Bella Sugar

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