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January 19, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo


With so many skincare options on the market, finding the perfect skincare can be daunting. However, the only thing that can at least help narrow down, is to choose products according to your skin type. As much as I try to use some products, they just don't agree with my skin, as I have sensitive skin. Anything with too much acid, Vitamin C, or foreign ingredients can send my skin into a frenzy.

So, when I tried Nude Skincare Essential Collection I was pleasantly surprised that I had not the slightest irritation on my skin. Upon my review, I loved how refreshing the scents were in the collection. It was fresh, and natural, which is the first thing I look for in my products.

The first step was the Cleansing Facial Wash, which had a silky texture, which I love in a wash, that felt amazing and even removed my 'hard to get off' waterproof mascara. My skin definitely felt clean and refreshed, with not the slightest trace of residue. My skin felt alive.

Next, I sprayed my face with the Hydrating Water, that had hints of rose and vanilla, that was ultra refreshing. Even though you can just spray it alone and let dry, I used a cotton ball to remove any residue, which there was none!, and to further tone my skin. As If my skin couldn't feel any cleaner, it did. You can also use this alone during the day, to refresh your skin, or revive your makeup.

After the toning, I then used the Age Defense Moisturizer. At first I didn't think the light formula would really hydrate my very dry skin, but I was surprised that it did. After just a few minutes, I noticed a tightness in my skin, which usually happens when I don't have enough moisture in my skin, but this was a different kind of tightness. It felt as if my skin was firming up by the second. Maybe it was the peptide and hyaluronic acid that is said to firm and hydrate and reduce wrinkles up to 63%!

It's only been 3 weeks that I have been using it, but I can already tell that my skin is much smoother, and some of my minor fine lines are smoothed out. Any product that I can see visible plumps my skin is a winner in my book, and this skincare did it.

You to can experience Nude Skincare at

—Kelley Epps Woods

FTC Disclosure: Sample of products received for Review.

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  1. Mayo says:

    Since everyone’s skin is different – and personal preferences on products come into play – it’s good to read as many unbiased reviews of skin care products as possible.
    Here’s a page with reviews of natural skin care products that are also organic. The reviews are based on the experiences and findings of members of a test panel.

  2. This is good product for the skin care .I give some more tips for the skin care with natural way like Mix a spoon of sugar and curd in equal proportions and apply on face by massaging in circular motions,clean with lukerwarm water after 5mins,it helps 2 glow ur skin.

  3. Your skin needs your attention. You should be the one catering all the nutrients it needs, so that it would be nourished always. In my opinion, using skin treatments like this would be of great help to your skin. I have been doing that ever since, and my skin has been feeling all nurtured from head to toe!

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