M•A•C + Mickey Contractor: A Match Made in Bollywood Heaven

January 21, 2011 • Beauty


So who is Mickey Contractor you might ask? He's M•A•C’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India where he is known for creating the look of the exotic enchantresses of Bollywood Cinema. Yet, he has been known in makeup circles as a mentor for makeup artists for over three decades. Until February 3, 2011 a limited-run of the exclusive collections of Mickey’s musts are available at M•A•C counters everywhere…the colors of which are nothing less than addicting.

 “My whole idea was to try and minimize the old Bollywood style of makeup as much as possible – it used to be all about thick panstick and pancake,” explains Mickey. “I wanted it to look more modern, more real, and more today. Closer to what Hollywood does…it makes it more believable.”

He has transformed the makeup of Indian film stars and celebrities, becoming the barometer of beauty trends in India, on and off the catwalk. Little wonder, then, that he became M•A•C‟s Director of Artistry, India, six years ago. So as M•A•C launched into the Indian market they naturally wanted to work alongside the best in the Indian makeup business…and who more knowledgeable, influential and talented than Mickey? For Mickey, of course, “it made my mission to make Indian makeup more natural so much easier,” he says. “I had so many more products to play with, and of course, as the Director of Makeup Artistry for M•A•C they took me even more seriously.”



How long have you been working with M•A•C?
MC: It‟s been 32 years since I started working as a makeup artist and this is my 6th year with M•A•C. I‟ve collaborated with the brand since they launched in India. M•A•C wanted to work alongside a makeup artist with credibility, experience, the ability to inspire who was also an authority of goodwill in the industry. So when they came to me and said, “We‟d like you to collaborate with us, we‟re opening a store   MC-EyeShadow-Oomph-72
in Bombay”: I thought, “This is a Godsend for me”. Working with M•A•C was an opportunity to really convey my vision. They have such incredible authority and influence in the industry and becoming a part of that was incredibly exciting to me.

Had you already been using M•A•C products?
MC: Yes, I‟d been using M•A•C for years. I first discovered M•A•C when I was in Canada about 15 years ago where I bought Twig, Malt and Marrakech lipsticks. Those kinds of shades just weren‟t available in India. In fact, so little makeup was available in India back then! I‟ve been a huge fan ever since.

What’s your beauty philosophy?
MC: For me, beauty is about a natural-looking woman who wears makeup, but wears MC-Lipstick-Gulabi-72 it so cleverly that it doesn‟t actually show. She‟s also somebody who carries herself with a lot of confidence, not just someone who‟s pretty, but who also has a lot of character. For me… that defines beauty.

You’ve said that the ‘no makeup’ look requires more effort than a full-on makeup look… how come?
MC: The "no makeup‟ look in India is about using everything you need to use but making it look like nothing! That's the reason it's so much more difficult, because your blending has to be perfect, the contouring need to be perfect, you‟ve got to be able make an exact match to the color of the skin tone…it‟s very, very difficult. But the products and tools in this collection all work together to make achieving this look so much easier.

How about the color range? How does this reflect your signature style?
MC: I love using browns and earthy tones on the eyes, so I have designed an eyeshadow quad of my perfect neutral colours. I took existing shades of Folie brown and Carbon black, to which I‟ve added two new shades, Viva (which means "marriage‟ – it was great to give the products Indian names), a new golden-y coppery brown, and Jaan (which means "my life‟). The name of the quad – Athma – means "soul‟ because the colours in it really reflect the look that I am known for. I‟d say it MC-PowderBlush-Sur-72 pretty much defines the makeup that I do in terms of color.

Will these products work on everyone, not only Indian skin tones?
MC: Absolutely. These colours will work on almost everyone, not just Indian women, but particularly Hispanic, darker Mediterranean and Middle Eastern skin tones, too. Of course you can play with the shades and use them differently whether you‟re a makeup artist or a customer, but everyone will love them I‟m sure!

The collection is all about natural skin tonality and total performance, in addition to color with a touch of exotic cine-magic. Foundation, Concealer, Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, goddess-gorgeous Eye shades, Lipstick, Lipglass and Blush, with his favorite brushes will allow you to star in your own big Bollywood hit.

I am personally now addicted to the "Flaunting It" Lipglass. Since I am an avid Twig fan going on over 15 years now…it is the perfect daytime shade for me. It packs a subtle punch and is the only color I need to wear. No layering required. Figures it's a limited-edition color. Story of my life!

-Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Samples provided for review.

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