W, X, Y and Impulse Shopping?

January 21, 2011 • Shopping


We all have those credit card statements we pretend aren't really our fault, well now some of us has the scientific proof as an excuse. Turns out that due to the overuse of alphabetical order, those with surnames towards the end of the alphabet are more likely to impulse buy

Those of us at the beginning at the alphabet have usually grown up with the advantage of first picks where the latter half of the ABC's feel the need to make things happen themselves since they weren't handed the advantage as often. This can often translate into impulsive decisions like impulse purchases

The next time your partner lectures you for those $400 boots you just HAD to buy, explain that it's imbedded from your upbringing and there's nothing to do about it. Now we just need an excuse for those of us at the beginning of the alphabet…

– Kat Bremhorst

Article Source: io9.com

Photo Source: Albushotel.com


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