Windy City Girl Blows Into L.A.

January 21, 2011 • Off-Topic, Shopping, Yahoo

Jan19 045Hola SCS'ers,

I'm on vacation in L.A. for a few days and I'm loving it so far. The weather has been awfully nice and cooperative. A striking contrast to the icy and windy city I've left behind. Don't hate me because I've abandon you for better weather and not sticking it out like a true Chicagoan! I'll promise I'll make it up to by joining the Polar Bear Club when I get back and swimming endless laps until I fade this gorgeous tan I'm getting.

Anyways, silliness aside, I did want to share a few of my experiences so far which have been great and off the beaten path. Usually, I'm an endless itinerary kind of girl but this time I'm taking suggestions from locals and letting my feet wonder. I must say it's been quite blast letting everything happen organically  like the majority of food in this health conscious city, but don't worry, this steak and potatoes girl hasn't lost her roots and gone tofutti on you! I had some donuts from Donut King that will turn you into mush and some pork rice from Mitsuya (Japanese grocery store) that had equal balances of meat, fat, and yumminess!


Spicy Miso Ramen Soup with Pork Rice at Sansouka.

If I wasn't and eating, then I was shopping, which was equally as appetizing since they have an abundance of oversea products and magazines from Japan which I love to collect. They have cool products like 24 hour temporary tattoo eyeliner, eye tape that make your peepers look bigger, BB Cream (foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen all-in-one), and that's was just to name a few! I also bought a few must-have beauty items like lashes from Sunka (2 for $5), aloe skin mask ($7), and Classy ($15), a Japanese magazine I'm crazy about.


Japanese Style Beauty Galore.

This was only my first day out I've caused quite some damage on my wallet and figure from all the obsessive buying and gorging. But it wouldn't be a vacation with doing both right? So stay tune for more of my adventures while this Chicago girl digs her flip flops into the sandy existence that is L.A..

-Yen Le

Photos: Second City Style

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  1. nancy says:

    I love Japanese cuisine and fashion too!

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