The Secret Of Beautiful Skin

January 24, 2011 • Beauty


There is nothing less flattering than dark facial hair. It's embarrassing and always seems to compromise your femininity. Women pluck, wax, buff, and bleach but won't step foot near the most traditional route that takes care of men's mustaches. 

The idea of lathering up your top lip with shaving cream and hacking away those dark fuzzies with a razor is terrifying and humiliating, but what if it was the easiest way? Celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville is working to banish that bad rap of women shaving their face.

The most common concern is the hair growing back darker and manlier than before, "It's a total myth," Somerville swears. There's even plausible evidence that even some of the most historically beautiful women (Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor) shaved their faces bare as an extra exfoliant

Somerville stands by Gillette's Mach 3 to take care of her. So the next time your man isn't looking, pop on a new blade and lather up

-Kat Bremhorst

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