Ask The Bean: Cold Weather Boots

January 26, 2011 • Yahoo


Dear Bean,

My main thrill and obsession are shoes and with this weather, it seems like my once stylish impression has fallen off the map. The only trail I’m leaving behind is one with an UGG imprint. I want to redeem my prideful strut but keep my piggies toasty and warm. Help!

Cold Soles

Dear Cold Soles,

As a fellow shoe addict I’ve learned to compromise with this unbearable winter weather. There’s no way I’ll stick my feet into a pair of UGGs and be defeated — unless I'm walking my dog where no one will see me. Instead, I give my piggies a pep talk and sacrifice a little warmth for a lot of style. It’s not like we’re climbing Mt. Everest, but simply walking the city streets. Sure it would be nice to wear anything as long as it’s comfortable, but we fashionistas don’t wave the white flag to the white flakes that easily.

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