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January 26, 2011 • Yahoo

Have you ever seen shoes quite like these? I definitely haven't and if you think they are stunning in the pictures, you better believe they are just as impressive in person! 

Kobi Levi, a shoe designer in Tel Aviv that focuses on both commercial and custom made footwear, has gone above and beyond when it comes to craftsmanship, detail, and the overall concept of each and every shoe he creates. Like fashion designers who want their designs to be more then just fashion (think Hussein Chalayan and that infamous table skirt), he straddles the line between shoes that are wearable and shoes that are art. Each pair is so meticulously detailed, it takes at least a month to design them.

These are the kind of shoes you want to stare at for hours and try to figure out just 'how in the world did he do that?' But even more noteworthy, while each pair is completely one-of-a-kind, they are also designed to be worn by a willing candidate.


Kobi Levi's Banana Peel Slip-ons may look like theatrical clown shoes at first, but upon closer inspection, you could definitely seem them on a Gemma Ward or Karlie Kloss at an haute couture show.

Chewing gum sidewalk

His outrageous Chewing Gum Heels are lace-up flats raised up by a pink steel heel that mimic a person stepping in gum.  

Blond ambition 1

Madonna can have a gawk and a laugh at her Blonde Ambition shoe, aptly named after her infamous world tour where she wore Jean-Paul Gaultier cone bras and a high pony. If Madonna was a shoe, this would be IT.


Many of Levi's shoes come from a humorous point of view, but are still technically developed.  He believes this is the best way to bring shoes to life.

While Levi does partner with another Israeli shoe designer for Shoola, a commercial shoe line that is popular in Israel and sold through the Shoofra shoe chain, his sculpture-inspired concept shoes are one-of-a-kind, not currently mass produced and are available by special request.  Still, he will take custom orders for those willing to try a statement-making shoe.   The shoes are often showcased in exhibitions across the globe.  

For more incredible statement shoes from Kobi Levi, visit his blog: Kobi Levi – Footwear Design

–Simona Kogan 

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