Beauty Buzz. Swarovski Prepares Crystal-Themed Scent

January 28, 2011 • Beauty

Swarovski’s new fragrance and makeup items

Famous crystal maker Swarovski is delving into the world of fragrance and beauty with their new scent, Aura by Swarovski, due out this spring. Created with its beauty licensee Groupe Clarins, the inspiration for the scent was “all the grace and the magnetism of light,” according to Joël Palix, president of Clarins Fragrance Group.

Swarovski and Clarins executives went through 2,000 versions of the potion before deciding on the final one. The original brief, said Langes-Swarovski, was to “create liquid crystal. We wanted to identify the smell of crystal, in a way.”
aura will combines notes of amber, benzoin resin and white musk, along with what Aulas described as “rays” of juicy lychee, pure white tuberose and pink pepper that punctuate the scent.

The refillable bottle is a narrow glass tube set in a metal base, with a metal top that encases the flacon. A single asymmetric crystal sits on the top. “We basically wanted to create something which is not only a pure crystal-decorated flacon,” said Langes-Swarovski. But the design does have some green components as well. The outer packaging is made from recycled, recyclable cardboard and doesn’t contain inserts.

The scent will come as 30-, 50- and 75-ml. eau de parfum sprays, which will retail for $68, $91 and $110 at current exchange, respectively. Ancillaries include three “makeup jewels,” crystal-studded pendants containing glosses for the lip, face and body, whose formulas are made with micronized Swarovski crystal and Crystal Shine iridescent pearls. These will retail for $74 to $85.

Aura is to launch first in the U.K. on March 3, then on April 1, the fragrance is to be introduced in the rest of the world, except China, which will start selling the scent in September, and the Americas, which are to get Aura in 2012.

"The soul of crystal is light,” said Markus Langes-Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski board and the great-great grandson of the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski, explaining Swarovski has for about one decade been expanding its business beyond crystal. “Aura is the perfect visual expression for the soul of crystal.”

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: WWD

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