Off Topic: It’s Just “A” Tom Ford, Not “THE” Tom Ford

February 1, 2011 • Off-Topic, Social Media


Just a slight mix up with those not in the direct Net-a-Porter circle…

This morning the e-retailer sent out an email about the upcoming launch of its menswear site, which was signed by Tom Ford. But noooooo, it wasn't the designer Tom Ford, just a Net-a-Porter executive to just happens to be named after greatest menswear designers of the 21st century… promoting the website's new menswear. What a coincidence.

Apparently, too big of a coincidence because enough people harassed the Tom Ford label thinking it was the designer and had to release a statement regarding the situation:

"Recently we have received calls from the press as well as calls from individuals regarding correspondence that they have received from the on line retail website 'Mr. Porter' signed by a person named Tom Ford. Please note that neither Tom Ford, the Designer, nor TOM FORD, the fashion brand, has any involvement whatsoever in Mr. Porter and that any correspondence received from Mr. Porter has no relation to Tom Ford, the Designer, or TOM FORD, the fashion brand."

Got it, Tom Fords of the world?

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: Fashionista
Photo: WWD

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