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February 2, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo

Joseph and I love to spar over red carpet fashions. Admittedly we missed the boat on the Golden Globes (we just couldn't get it together in time), but we managed to this time. Mind you, if I had to attend 3 awards ceremonies in the span of two months (Golden Globes, SAG's and Oscars) I would totally wear my least favorite to the SAGs…I mean, what are the SAG's anyway? I digress.

Here we go:

Nicole Kidman

He Said: She was an absolute vision in her Nina Ricci black column gown with lace insets. This look was sexy without being overt and flirty without being revealing.  The dress really worked with her slim statuesque frame and did what lace is supposed to do: fascinate and entice. Furthermore, while showing her allegiance to French legacy brands, she also managed to support Nina Ricci’s new creative director, Peter Copping, who spent a decade designing under Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.  Nina Ricci herself never created anything as directional as Christian Dior’s “New Look”, rather she embraced a design philosophy of creating clothes for women that were romantic and feminine. Copping continues that tradition in an utterly modern way and Nicole Kidman was the perfect mannequin du monde to represent the brand for the first time on the red carpet since he took over. 

She Said: I wasn't really crazy about this look. Sorry Joseph. The dress from the back was pretty amazing, but who really saw it? I also did not understand the necklace at all. It clashed with the collar of the dress and was completely superfluous. I also hated her shoes and her hair was a mess. I have been questioning her accessory and gown choices of late. She used to just kill it on the runway.

Hilary Swank

He Said: Hilary Swank looked heavenly in her one-shouldered Versace gown. The draping a la Greque grazed her gym toned body perfectly and the blush color made her the embodiment of the health conscious Southern California lifestyle. The gown was perfectly constructed to her body, with the pleats perfectly placed and just the right amount of embellishment. This dress did what a dress should – look great and enhance the natural beauty of the wearer. 

She Said: I totally agree with Joseph. The pleating of this dress was perfection…as was the fit. I loved her hair and makeup as well. For the first time I actually saw her as feminine. Bravo.

Claire Danes

He Said: Claire Danes looked great in her poppy print Louis Vuitton strapless gown.  This is her third award for her work in HBO’s Temple Grandin and her third great acceptance look. She looked effortlessly beautiful and the print really popped on the red carpet. The flower appliqués at the bust line kept it all very fun and feminine while those at the hem kept the silk chiffon from running amok. I’m sure that the copyists are working day and night to get this look knocked off in time for prom season. 

She Said: This was one of my favorite looks of the evening. I loved that Claire totally deviated from her expected minimalist Calvin Klein look and went with something flirty and floral. I couldn't take my eyes of that dress. I also loved the belt! I hope you are right Joseph. I would rather see this dress knocked off for prom than what Kim Kardashian was wearing!

Sofia Vergara

He Said: A lot of actresses strove for the draped hip look this season, but only Sofia Vergara got it right with her dress by Roberto Cavalli. First off, the color was divine! Only a dark skinned, dark haired beauty could really carry off such a vibrant shade of blue.  Eva Longoria paled by comparison – literally! – in her off-white Georges Hobeika version. Vergara is much celebrated as one of the few “real woman sized” actresses out there and she always dresses to accentuate her curvy figure.  Sometimes the 10 pounds the camera adds works in her favor and sometimes it doesn’t. This time, it definitely did!

She Said: WE GET IT! You are the sexiest woman in Hollywood! This dress was so expected. Her cups runeth over. She looked OK, but the dress again was too long. Why can't any of these actresses hem their gowns for the red carpet?

Annette Benning

He Said: Annette Benning was the picture of a modern movie star in her Tony Ward gown. [I refuse to quote the press release that refers to it as “Haute Couture”.  Maybe you can call a pig a “duck” in Lebanon, but you can only call it “couture” if the Chambre Syndicale in Paris says so!]  Somehow she combined the sultry sexiness of the sirens of the silver screen with the fresh beauty of today’s film stars. She looked like a modern Cleopatra come to conquer her Rome. 

She Said: Finally! I literally clapped for joy when I saw Annette Benning. After the fashion disaster that was the Golden Globes, she obviously got the message to at least try to look like she cares and isn't above it all. Well it worked. This is the way Hollywood royalty should look. And I applaud her for finding her brush and leaving the granny glasses at home.

January Jones

He Said: January Jones looked stunning in her gold lace and black Carolina Herrera gown. Ms. Herrera is world renowned for creating dresses that look feminine without looking old fashioned and her sense of proportion and placement is legendary. Is it any wonder Jackie O. relied on her for some of her most flattering daytime and evening looks? The placement of the black lines creates a sense of perfect proportions and the design of the gold lace creates an optical illusion of a flawless feminine figure – not that Ms. Jones needed any help there. 

She Said: Two for two Ms. Jones! I LOVE that she won't let you pigeon-hole her this awards season. Like everyone else, I assumed she would walk the red carpet in a revealing Versace number and was so excited to see her in this covered up yet super sexy gown. Again, perfection from head-to-toe. Well played!

Amy Adams

He Said: Where is Brendan Frasier? The Mummy has escaped and is on the red carpet! First off – cream is not the alabaster skinned girl's friend. Secondly, the hair is way too severe for this dress. Thirdly, I HATE the "puddling" that happens when a short actress borrows a dress from the runway. While I agree with Signori Garavani that an evening dress that reveals a woman's ankles when she walks is "the most disgusting", I don't understand how all the hollywood stylist convinced their clients that this looks good or that it's OK.

She Said: I agree that Amy Adams wrapped herself so tight within an inch of her life. Honey, I don't care how thin you are…Spanx are your friend! To see flesh spilling over on this skinny actress was so disturbing I am still not over it and frankly have not eaten since. The gown was too long, too tight and too cream. Not a good look all around.

Angie Harmon

He Said: I think it's sad when a woman decides that an over-the-top (as in big top circus tent) dress makes a better date than a real live person. This kind of dress is better left to the 20 something ingenue. Does Hollywood even manufacture those anymore? Or are they all "resting" at Promises? This gargantuan ballgown of her dreams – and my nightmares – belongs in a stage production of Beauty and the Beast.

She Said: When I read (on our blog) that Angie Harmon had 33 gowns pulled for her, but was immediately drawn to this Monique Lhuillier and only tried this one on, I thought, really? This is the dress that screamed WEAR ME? Had this dress been black I might have not reacted so viscerally, but a woman in her late 30's should have her head examined for wearing this gown.

Kim Kardashian

He Said: Setting aside for a moment that the one-shouldered gown on the red carpet is very last year, the timeless beauty of asymmetry is that it is meant to create gossamer lines that evoke a Greek or Roman goddess. What we have here is a series of odd hard angles that all but obliterate one of the curviest figures on reality TV. Remember that Steel Magnolias line about "two pigs fighting under a blanket"? This is two ugly prom dresses fighting ON a… (See Amy Adams re. "puddling")

She Said: After I wondered what the hell she was doing there I then thought that gown is tac-kay! The color was all wrong not to mention it just screamed rundown Italian restaurant to me. I couldn't believe it was Marchesa. How did she manage to make one of their gowns look cheap? Again, too long alert! On a positive note, I thought her hair and makeup were beautiful.

Helena Bonham Carter

He Said: Helena Bonham Carter is the perfect example of how NOT to wear lace in her Marc Jacobs frock. It looks like she was having tea at her grandmother’s house, suddenly realized she was late, got caught up in the tablecloth and ran to the SAG awards. This two-tone disaster also clearly demonstrates how white makes you look bigger and black is slimming. However, combining the two in one look can really enhance already less-than-perfect proportions. At least her shoes matched her outfit – and each other!

She Said: Granted she was a hot mess, but I have grown quite fond of Helena Bonham Carter's 'I am who I am' attitude. If she were not roasted on the red carpet it wouldn't be such fun would it? I love that she doesn't take herself or fashion too seriously or our comments to heart. Actually for her this Marc Jacobs ensemble was pretty tame. I find myself looking forward to the madness she will hopefully wear to the Oscars. Bring it!

Winona Ryder

He Said: Winona Ryder looked like a runaway bride in her Alberta Ferreti white gown. She looked scared in every picture. Was that because she was afraid that the store security from David’s Bridal were after her? This type of origami folding goes back to John Galliano’s Spring 2007 couture collection for Christian Dior and has been dumbed down and bastardized ever since. One of my pet peeves is women who wear strapless dresses and are constantly yanking up one side or the other or, worse, pushing the cups up in the front.  The opposite end of the spectrum is illustrated here. This dress isn’t going anywhere because the bodice is way too tight and her breasts are pressed flat AND pushed up. A disastrous attempt – run, little bride, run far away!

She Said: The reason she looked like a runaway bride is because she is actually wearing a wedding gown! Seriously! Who the hell wears a wedding dress on a red carpet? I had a hard time finding a photo of her where she did not look mad (as in crazy). I think the poor girl is really losing her marbles. It must be hard to be everyone's favorite early 90's actress to become this. I actually feel for her. I also feel sorry for her breasts which looked like they were trying to run away!

Juliana Margulies

He Said: Juliana Margulies may have won a SAG Award for her performance as The Good Wife, but she won’t be getting any Best Dressed nods from me in her red Yves St. Laurent gown. Setting aside that wearing RED is no way to make a splash on a RED carpet, she took the classic front pleat look that Annette Bening wore perfectly and showed us how NOT to wear it. You simply cannot wear that type of draping and let your borrowed sample puddle at your feet because you’re shorter than a runway model.  Any designer worth his salt knows that the beauty of vertical pleating lies in the dress being the exact right length for the wearer – in her shoes. Any break in the lines, even at the hem, just looks messy. It looks like the cloud of filth around Pig Pen’s feet in the Peanuts cartoons!

She Said: I really don't have much to add or argue with Joseph. He pretty much said it all. I wish she would go back to wearing Narciso Rodriguez. He always does right by her.

Hailee Steinfeld

He Said: Hailee Steinfeld looked ridiculous in her striped Prada gown in Halloween colors. I actually liked this dress on the runway and would love it on the street, but I absolutely hate it on the red carpet for a serious awards event. The good news is that she can wear it again – to the MTV Awards in June, the Teen Choice Awards in August, and maybe a masked ball in October…Seriously, though, this is a pretty dress, not a serious gown. I understand that she’s young, but I style 15-year-old girls who can carry off couture and they’re not even actresses.

She Said: OK, I have to disagree with you on this one Joseph. I thought she looked adorable as she should at her age. Maybe you have styled 15-year-old girls successfully, but normally on the red carpet they are not age appropriate. I thought she looked young and fresh. Sorry, I liked it. I don't think she should be on the worst dressed list by any means. I'll save that for Kim Kardashian and Jenna Fisher.

– Lauren Dimet Waters & Joseph Ungoco

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