Trend Watch: Feathered Hair.

February 4, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo

Feathered-hair-LA-Yen-Le-Second-City-Style Feathered-hair-profile-view-Yen-Le-Second-City-Style

Ash Heier, the owner of Gossamer Boutique.

I'm not talking about the sun-kissed wings that Farrah Fawcett use to sport in Charlie's Angels, but feather extensions in your hair! A truly unique take on highlights that make salon manufactured streaks seem so boring. The pattern on the feathers lend the hair a dimensional look and you can treat it just like your natural mane.

Ash Heier, the owner of Gossamer Boutique in Venice Beach, who introduced me to this whimsical trend told me she can wash and curl her embedded plumage just like her real tresses. So you can make all kinds of personalized touches to make your crown of glory as naturally sweet or daringly edgy as your heart desires.

To create this ultra chic Cali girl style at look home, you'll need some crimp beads that match your hair color and long thin feathers that you can pick up at your local craft stores. I suggest keeping to strands thin and complementary to your hair color for a more natural vibe.

This look will definitely be hot for the summer so try perfecting it now and in a few more months, you'll be able to soar up to fabulous hair stardom like our beloved Farrah in no time.

-Yen Le

Photos: Second City Style

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  1. Hair extensions are really in for today’s fashion trends. This feather extension is an innovation! It looks really light, and adds an iconic look to who’s wearing it. I can’t wait to see what extensions would be like one, or maybe, two years from now!

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