3 Dos And Don’ts Of Celebrity Fashion

February 6, 2011 • Magazine

3 Dos And Don'ts Of Celebrity Fashion

3 Dos And Don'ts Of Celebrity Fashion

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Simona Kogan

As much as we love what some celebrities wear, sometimes we just don’t!

Whether they’ve taken a hand in choosing what comes out of their own closet or their stylist has picked something totally not right for them, we’ve taken apart the outfits of three well-known celebs to see which outfits are totally WOW! and which outfits are totally OW!

Whitney Port

Whitney Port is one of the most fashionable young adults around! While not everyone is totally in love with her trendy Whitney Eve fashion line, you can’t deny that she’s famous for flaunting statement trends that make the public notice the fashion of the world’s twentysomethings. Here’s when it works and when it doesn’t.

DO: Break Up Patterns
While I’m all for adding graphic prints to a wardrobe to liven up an outfit, I do think that celebs (and the general public) tend to go too far when they wear graphic prints all over. That’s what I love about ‘The City’ star right here. We all know those patterned harem pants are a lot to handle, but lucky for us, she balances out the look with a solid colored leather jacket which goes perfectly with the all over urban look.

DON’T: Wear Patterns In The Same Color Family
No, I’m not completely certain pink and gray are in the same color family, but they are both light and pairing them together here makes the whole ensemble look completely washed out. If you’re going to go for a graphic print, you’ll want to pair with it with something dark to add a contrasting but balanced effect.

Anne Hathaway

DO: Try Mismatched Prints
This is certainly the year of the Hathaway! Miss Anne’s career has blossomed since her days in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’…as has her fashion! It’s difficult to pull off the mismatched prints look, but for Anne it works. A friend once told me that if you’re going to wear mismatched prints, you’re going to have to wear one chunkier print and one smaller one. That’s why this look works. There’s something about the chunky stripes of the belly sweater that play off well against the fun white polka dots on the ruffle-tiered pants.

DON’T: Try So Hard To Look Casual
Now if you’re going to prove that your style is worth writing about — you better keep it up! I’m not a fan of Anne’s attempts at being ultra-casual, even it is for an upcoming flight! The hat is all wrong on her as is the pairing of those short leather pants and a navy wool oversize coat. And what’s up with those black leather moccasin-inspired men’s shoes with the buckles? This is certainly the worst the Oscar host has ever looked!

Carey Mulligan

DO: Liven up your dress with a funky print!
The typically more conservative actress looks great when she livens up her look. I definitely love the way her graphic bib necklace is played up against the animal print frock and the ombre round toe stiletto heels. Guess she’s not so conservative after all!

DON’T: Wear graphic prints on a long gown
Though some might beg to differ, the days of the maxi dress are long gone. Even more obvious — the days of graphic prints on a maxi dress lookalike are way over. There’s just something not right about the funky colors shining through on this long Erdem gown. Old Hollywood glamour but this look just doesn’t work.

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