Recovering From Game Day: Tips to Get Your Body Back on Track

February 7, 2011 • Yahoo

Super-Bowl-Mash-Up2Puffy faces, unzipped jeans, and higher numbers on the scale might have greeted us after less than healthy food was consumed last night. While some are crying over a loss, some are crying even harder over a gain. After beer, wings, pizza and creamy dips it's hard to feel like a recovery is in sight, but a few moves on the day after can get those jeans fitting in little time at all.


First and foremost, WATER WATER WATER. It's the purest thing and it's going to help flush out all that extra sodium you partook in and help make you look less puffy. 


Second, make fiber your best friend. Whole grain brown rice, grainy breads, and other unbleached grains should be on your menu for an over-eating recovery. The grains with help get everything moving and out of your body faster and paired with some steamed veggies, it's a meal that will make you feel better instantly. 

Third, don't try to counteract your binge by starving yourself. You might think not eating for a day would balance out the 4,000 calories you ate the day before, but it will just mess up your system even more. Take the next couple days to eat foods in simpler forms: raw or lightly steamed veggies, lots of yummy raw fruit, chicken and vegetable broths with very low sodium, lots of grains.

You might feel pretty disappointed in your body today, but you've learned your lesson and you have easy steps to help you recover. 

-Kat Bremhorst

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