Dissecting Your Heels

February 8, 2011 • Yahoo

081110-Shoe-Parts-400They lift your butt, the straighten your posture, they make your gait a little sexier, and by the end of the day you swear you'll never wear them again. We love our high heels, we hate our high heels, we can't live without our high heels. Certain pairs we can wear for days while others we can barely stand for five minutes, what gives?

Here's a breakdown to explain how to fix each area of your shoes whether you're a daily wearer or heels are your worst enemy. 

THE BODY: A stiff shoe can cause blisters and to prevent this you need to break it in. Spritz this area lightly with water and use those muscles to mold this area to your foot. If nothing else, get inserts that fit right there to reduce friction.

THE BREAST: This area can make or break your stability. The inner arch controls how much wiggle your step will have. The more forward the arch is, the more balance you'll have.

THE SOLE: After blisters and wobbling, the last thing you want to worry about is slipping on a slick floor. Buy some non-slick pads for the ball of your foot or in a pinch scuff up your soles with some sandpaper.

THE TOE BOX: Remember when you actually could feel your toes? That feeling can come back, just take your shoes in to have this area stretched. 

THE INTERIOR: With low arches, the only way to survive is with an insert to keep your foot in place while you walk. 

Remember that even models let their heels rest. So even after you perfect your heels, wearing flats on days off is perfectly acceptable.

-Kat Bremhorst

Article & Photo Source: Instyle.com

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