Male Box: That’s The Ticket!

February 9, 2011 • Fashion, Male Box


Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

As any man who owns a tuxedo knows, if you buy it, they – the black tie invitations – will come! If only it were so easy with New York Fashion Week. The Twitterverse has been flooded with gushy tweets like “My @(fill in the designer) invitation has arrived! #nyfw #fb”. The underlying snarky message is “Has yours?” The usual reply among hard-working, subway-taking, sidewalk-stomping fashion show-goers is “What are you wearing that day?” Since between show outfit changes are a luxury only enjoyed with a car and driver or a nearby office AND a “light” schedule of shows to attend, most of us have to choose one outfit to wear to half a dozen shows or more. This invariably leads to the awkward backstage designer interview moment when s/he asks you archly “who are you wearing?” or worse, the more direct “why aren’t you wearing my clothes?” In the end, somehow, it all works out…

As anyone who attends these events knows, once the lights go up, all eyes and minds are on what’s to come six months from now. What you may not know, is that in the few fevered moments as people rush to their sections and seats, all eyes are on what the guests as wearing, invariably the “must-have” clothes, the latest “it” bags with the “closed” waiting list, or the impossible-to-get (and harder-to-wear) dream shoes of the CURRENT season. The stress of trying to stay on the cutting edge of fashion can be too much for even the most seasoned fashion show attendee.

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