Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall ’11. Binetti’s Fantasy Voyage

February 12, 2011 • New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo











Diego Binetti

Summary: Stepping into the Binetti Fall '11 presentation was, at first sight, an otherworldly experience. Set up on a small square platform in the center of The Box, models posed on horseshoe shaped benches, reclined on fainting chairs, or stood among a forest of hands. Truly there was some whimsy afoot when this collection was conceived, an eccentric amalgam of bohemian, Arabian and an almost pirate chic. Each model's head was covered in a tight-fitting, turban-like head piece, compliments of Colgate Searle who also created the artful hands installation. In one of those "I never would have thought of that" moments, a handful of the models wore eyewear by Silhouette, an odd choice of accessory that surprisingly worked well with the collection.

The clothes themselves were an effervescent spectacle of beaded floral caftans, dresses with layer upon layer of draping, tucking and wrapping and dolman sleeved blousons with tie-dye sequins. Each piece was so intricately created it took a full few minutes to take in each item, yet the aesthetic of the collection seemed to flow as one cohesive thought. Hard and soft textures were often paired together in the form of an armored sleeveless bodice over a wispy chiffon gown or a the structure of a heavily sequined skirt with a high-collared silk top. Beads and feathers flickered under the lights and soft breeze of this contained fantasy land, and models took turns throughout the presentation to individually pose against a stark white backdrop to let the ferocity of their outfits truly fly.

As for the pirate mention, I'm almost sure I caught sight of some sort of swashbuckling foil tucked into one of the draped skirts—but I can't be too sure. Overall, it was fun to be invited along on Binetti's voyage, and his superb construction and attention to detail in each piece proved that while the collection may have been playful, it was definitely not child's play.

Color Palette: black, floral, white, multi-patch print, metallic, tie-dye, diamon, gold, Rorschach print

Fabrics and Textures: tulle, rope, tassels, sequin, silk wool, cashmere, silk, ostrich feathers, jacquard, coque fringe, beaded, brocade, jeweled, silk gauze, mohair, velvet, marbleized, clustered, pin-tucked, interlaced, bias-cut, winged, gathered, interlaced, shimmery     

Key Looks: Marbelized boxy dress, high collar with tie-dyed sequins, one sleeve shoulder bias-cut gown, ostrich print sweetheart cup silk-layered gown, armor sleeveless bodice, jacquard skirt with a clustered belt with tassels, dimensional metallic open back dress

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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