Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ’11. Backstage at Carmen Marc Valvo

February 13, 2011 • Beauty, New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo

The look for the Carmen Marc Valvo Fall ’11 show, with Ted Gibson products

One of our favorite things to do during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is hang out with Ted Gibson and his team at the NASDAQ center before the Carmen Marc Valvo show. Unfortunately, this season’s show fell on the exact same day as the Grammys, and Ted’s expertise was needed in helping the stars in Hollywood. However, Ted’s dream team of stylists, headed up by Devin Toth, were more than capable to get the show going.


The Ted Gibson dream team!

Devin explained that the look Ted and Carmen wanted a hair style that complemented the ballet-like theme of the collection, but not the severe bun that is often affiliated with ballet dancers. Rather, they wanted a style that was soft, pretty and designed to move with an easy, youthful bounce.

Toth prepped the hair with Ted Gibson’s Hair Sheets, which makes the hair frizz-free and manageable before styling. He separated the hair at the crown, holding the front half up, and applied Ted Gibson’s Build It Blowdrying Agent. Then he did a quick blow dry, winding and unwinding the hair from the brush in the opposite direction, resulting in a loose wave. After blowdrying each section, he finger combed the hair out so the wave remained undefined, a key element to completing the look.



Key stylist for Ted Gibson, Devin Toth, demonstrating the blowdry while Romero Jennings from MAC Cosmtics (who we also love!) does a quick touch up

Then he took the separated front half of hair, and using a 1 inch barrel curling iron, curled the small portion of hair. He twisted the sections both down and up the iron, then sprayed with Ted Gibson Hairspray to seal the curl. Once the top section was complete, he blended the two sections together, the curl and the wave, for the utmost amount of texture and movement.


A model gettingn her hair curled


Tons of hairspray in between curling!

The final part to the look was taking a small section of hair from the top and sides and twisting it just below the crown. Once folded over, he secured it with pins on both sides and sprayed Ted Gibson Hairspray over the full lustrous finish. To make sure it wasn’t too perfect, after combining the two sections, he mussed them up for a soft but disheveled look. The result was a look that was equal parts girly and sophisticated—the perfect complement to Carmen Marc Valvo’s gorgeous gowns in silk, lace and organza.

Pinning the hair oh so precisely


After being mussed up, the final look from the back

From the front and side



The racks of elegant clothes and shoes before the show!

And of course, the always effervescent Carmen Marc Valvo himself

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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