Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall ’11. Lela Rose’s Painted Canvas

February 13, 2011 • New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo

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Summary: Similar to art, fashion can be a blank canvas waiting to evoke feelings and ideas in the form of color, texture and pattern. Lela Rose took this notion to the next level with her Fall' 11 collection, channeling the creative stylings of contemporary artist Gerhard Richter. What resulted was a study of artistic processes that ranged from the obvious (water colors and bold prints as far as the eye could see) to the meta (Rose's program noted the use of printed feathers and blurred chiffon was akin to Richter's "rendering of fragile illusions." Hm.)

Yet it was truly an interesting show to watch with this particular muse in mind, someone who's innovation has been so game-changing in the modern art scene. And yet, even as regular old fashion, the collection baosted a number of notable elements. Rose's daywear, with either its Pollack-esque "scraped" print or prominent "splotch" print, was both versatile and wearable when paired with an assortment of cardigans and knits. And her eveningwear, always a pleasure to take in, was some of the first that strayed from the typically heavy fall palette, which was as a refreshing change. And I have to admit, bizarre analogy or not, my favorite element was probably in the texture—the swingy feathers and veiled wisps of chiffon that represent so many of life's fragile illusions.

Color Palette: deep green, crimson, camel, sea green, caramel, heather, jigsaw print, sulfur, birdseye, sapphire, tawny, landscape, ocher, blurred check print, hazy, blurred plaid, black filament, needledot, black, aubergine, metallic, floral, chestnut, chromed metallic, crimson, copper, juniper, brushed chrome, smoke ombre, haze, blush, nude, amaranth

Fabrics and Textures: cashmere, knit, scraped cotton, wood, cotton canvas, gauze, combed wool, waffle silk, metal, taffeta, silk, wool, organza, mohair wool, jacquard, feather, silk chiffon, yarn, chiffon, silk jacquard, tweed, tulle, lace, brocade, embroidered, veiled, dip dyed, sculpted, cinched, wrapped, tucked, quilted, side gathered

Key Looks: Scraped cotton canvas strict seamed dress, caramel cashmere belted cardigan, sea green splotched gauze cinched bow dress, needle dot silk jacquard sculpted cowl dress, metallic floral quilted organza full skirt dress, amaranth metallic thread embroidered cinched gown with veiled tulle bodice

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: WWD

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