Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall ’11. VPL by Victoria Bartlett “Stretch and Fold”

February 13, 2011 • New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo

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Summary: Bronze goddesses and clay sculptures were brought to life during VPL by Victoria Bartlett. The basic concept of stretching and folding fabrics is the obvious thought process and idealistic start of such a collection. Some of the fabrics are stretched around the body like surgical bands, like others are draped ever so slightly to bring simple elegance by revealing only pieces of the body.

Bartlett was inspired by the cast sculptures of Piero Manzoni's idea of combining many different types of materials and fabrics to convey a mood, as well as Joseph Beuys's concept of using his sculptures as a direct correlation to the human experience.

Color Palette: jet black, iron, chestnut, nude, camel, orange, gold, fawn, khaki, stone, amber, beige, bronze, charcoal, pigeon, steel, granite, bark, tawny, white, tar, silver, brass, aluminum, deer, heather grey, taupe, midnight, blush, brown, gold, paste

Fabrics & Textures: latex, cotton, modal, wool, rubber, mesh, chain, spandex

Key Looks: Deer levitation tank, quicksilver anatomical legging, gold encased jacket and stone twin shoe; Steel accordion dress, charcoal scapula jacket and charcoal overhang boot; Deer convex undi, fawn apron drape heel and shoplifter and edda body hair piece for VPL

-Taneisha Jordan

Photos: NY Mag

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