Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall ’11. Yoana Baraschi’s Virtu-Reality

February 13, 2011 • New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo

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Summary:  Giant floral and reptiel prints and abstract grid patterns look hyperreal on modern black silk shift dresses. Yoana Baraschi brings simple patterns and pictures to life. Combining excess 1970's glam and virtual technology, the line almost seems surreal when focusing on it for the first time. But as you start to really gaze and survey each item, extraordinary details of technical illusion catch your eyes and it's almost hard to turn away and look at the next piece. One piece in particular, was the Martini hour silk jacquard cocktail shift dress. Though the dress could be seen as a simple evening garment, the small grid patterns that enhance the fabric and add a multidimensional effect will keep you wanting more.

Playing on transparency, textual mixes, color blocking and fabric patchworks, Baraschi creates the illusion of Photoshop layers in a digitally enhanced universe. Adding perforated leathers and bonded fabrics add an unexpected twist to a simple design, thereby giving it more depth and dimension.

Color Palette: yellow, black, blue, ultraviolet, charcoal, cognac, satin, tobacco, pompei red, sand, bordeaux

Fabrics & Textures: camel hair, silk tulle, faux mink, silk jacquard, silk chiffon, knit, floral, ombre, plaid, leather, suede, metal, ribbons, crepe de chine, pinstripe, polka dot, sequin, crepe, faux wolf

Key Looks: Sheath dress with volume sleeves in black silk jacquard digital botanica print; Lapis/black mega stripe knit blazer, yellow silk tulle tie blouse and lapis/black mini stripe tube skirt; Pompei red double pleated silk gown and faux wolf stole

-Taneisha Jordan

Photos: WWD

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