Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall ’11. Catching up With Callula Lillibelle

February 14, 2011 • New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo


Bright and early on Monday morning, the tents of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week were in an uncharacteristic state of calm. As Callula Lillibelle, the first show of the day set up to kick off the week, I had the esteemed privilege to catch up with one of the head designers William Calvert. Chipper as can be, Calvert quickly talked me through the ideas behind his and co-founder Melanie Fraser Hart's collection.

SCS: What was the inspiration behind the Callula Lillibelle Fall '11 collection:

WC: Well we were all over the place at firs and started with a couple different ideas. World Domination at first. Then we moved on to Punk Rock Baroque. And finally, we settled on Upgirl Goes Downtown.

SCS: What fabrics did you really want to try and incorporate into the collection?

WC: We did a lot of suiting—tropical suiting, jacquard suiting, pinstripe suiting. We wanted a lot of different fabrics and textures to create lots of different faces of the same girl. You don't wake up the same girl every day so this collection is 21 different versions of the same girl.

SCS: What can you say about the hair and makeup as a complement to the clothes?

WC: Five words: sharp, clean, cool, polished and hip

SCS: Are their particular items in the collection that are your favorite?

WC: I love the coats but that's the thing about fall, its the reintroduction of the coat. We wanted to feature a lot of beautiful coats but not have it end there. We wanted a cohesive look of clothing and accessories to take you from day to night, that's why we included the hats (from Patricia Underwood) and the eyewear (from Selma Optique and Jee Vice Optique). Versatility was key in designing this collection.

SCS: I love these, so I just have to ask, what was your thinking behind the green sparkle pants?

W: Because how could you not??

Me with William Calvert

—Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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