Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Fall ’11. Inside the Zac Posen Studio Part 1: Getting the Hair at Z-Spoke

February 15, 2011 • New York Fashion Week Fall '11, Yahoo



Inside the Zac Posen studio

In all the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks I've had the privilege to be a part of, I've had a handful of experiences where I've just have to stop and pinch myself and say, "Wow, I'm really here." None of these experiences probably wowed me more than standing in the personal studio space of Zac Posen. A clean, spare space tucked in Soho, the Zac Posen studio was a modest representation of the glamour that was created within. Posen shows his eponymous line in Paris these days but, luckily for us U.S. folk, he still shows his vibrant Z-Spoke Zac Posen line in New York, about which he planned to discuss with us lucky few that day.


First, key stylist for got2b, Larry Sims, explained the idea for the hair look he constructed for the Z-Spoke Zac Posen show. To reflect the edginess of the collection, Sims explained he wanted a look that was a little rock n' roll but also effortless, whimsical, chic, organic, young and hip. While that may have seemed like a tall order to achieve, the lineup board of the looks reflected exactly that in a  variety of cuts and lengths.


Keystylist for got2b, Larry Sims, discusses the got2b rockin it encore line of products


got2b's rockin it encore lineup: encore fresh dry shampoo, encore hold hairspray and gel

Sims used got2b's rockin it encore line which boasts style stick technology and long lasting hold polymers that allow a perfect coif to last from morning to night. Starting with the got2b encore fresh dry shampoo, (which has an impressive blast of power behind its nozzle), Sims prepped the hair by spraying the roots. For the shorter styles, he used a dime-size amount of got2b's encore gel and ran it through the ends to create a clean, piece-y texture, then sealed the style with got2b's encore hold hairspray.

For the longer styles, as demonstrated to us in person by model Anne Cleveland, Sims wanted to create a loose but still clean-looking wave. He parted the hair down the middle and, after prepping with the encore dry shampoo, he curled the entire head with a quarter inch curling iron. After the hair was curled, he brushed it out with a Mason Pearson natural boar bristle brush, his personal recommendation, from root to ends. What resulted was a very organic wave that still looked polished, which was then set with the got2b rockin it encore hold hairspray.

A closer look at the long wave for Z-Spke Zac Posen

With the got2b rockin it encore line, each of the styles was full, lustrous and shiny, which, as Zac later said when he came out sipping a cup of tea, was exactly what he wanted. "I wanted rich girl hair," he said. "You know, the girl whose mother puts cream on her hair and who brushes it 100 times a day. Natural and organic but still put together and chic. And I think Larry pulled that off perfectly." We couldn't agree more. More on the Z-Spoke Zac Posen collection (and Zac himself!) to come. 


Zac and Larry together-so cute!

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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