Off-Topic: Simon Doonan Gets Tired of Fashion Shows

February 23, 2011 • Off-Topic

Simon doonan

Simon Doonan knows how you feel about all these fashion shows. They annoy him just a bit. So much that he had to actually make a list for Slate magazine explaining in detail all the reasons why. I can actually agree with him for the most art.

Besides having no prices on the run of show (when you're lucky enough to snag one), that models never have a look of happiness on their faces, the continuation of constant air kisses and the over-abundance of celebrity clothing lines, I think he's had enough.

The biggest gripe this season from many of the patrons in the Lincoln Center wasn't about the long lines or even when the GPS check-in system broke down right before one of the biggest shows  (*coughcoughDennisBassocough*). It was the lack of a food sponsor! The only food available were the overpriced salads and bags of pretzels smaller than the 25 cents being sold for $2 a pop. Where the heck were the free Pop Chips?!?! (Editor's note: Simon didn't talk about the Pop Chips but I'm pretty sure he'd be upset if he knew!)

-Taneisha Jordan


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