Michelle O. Brings In Style From The Windy City

February 24, 2011 • Magazine

Michelle Obama

Whether you're a fan of who is sitting in the Oval Office or not, it's hard to not be a fan of the First Lady. Michelle Obama is the closest thing the current generation will get to a Jackie O. to follow. Michelle's toned arms, spot on(and affordable) fashions, not to mention her driving force to make our nation a healthier one makes her an easy role model

Even superwomen like Michelle need a little help when it comes to assessing outfits and she has a new woman to help her out all the way from Chicago. Meredith Koop is the newest addition to MObama's team. 

Koop is only 29 years old, but is making sure Michelle looks fabulous every step of the way. Koop is responsible for assisting with putting together outfits and buying items on the First Lady's behalf, always looking for the best price and discounts. Koop is the mind behind the Rachel Roy 'State of The Union' Dress and put Mrs. Obama in the gorgeous Alexander McQueen.

So how do you become stylist to the stylish Mrs.? Koop got the gig from working for Chicago boutique designer Ikram Goldman, Michelle's previous stylist.

How do you think Michelle has been dressing lately? Is Koop a White House success?

-Kat Bremhorst

Article & Photo Source: instyle.com

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  1. Not Just Yet says:

    she knows what fits her perfectly.

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