Breaking News! John Galliano Suspended from Dior

February 25, 2011 • Breaking News

John Galliano

OMG! What a scandal to wake up to this morning—Vogue UK (whose about 6 hours ahead of us) has confirmed that John Galliano has been suspended from the Christian Dior house after being arrested for alleged assault.

Galliano was reportedly involved in an altercation at a cafe in Paris, where he allegedly verbally abused a couple who were sitting on a cafe terrace, making crude and anti-semitic remarks toward them. Galliano was apprehended by police and was found to have been drinking alcohol when he was arrested. An eyewitness at the cafe gave her account of the incident to Vogue UK:

"We had a table at La Perle and John Galliano sat next to us," our eyewitness told us. "He spoke to a couple at a nearby table to say 'Cheers' and they insulted him. An argument started and the police came, so Galliano's bodyguard suggested that they should go to the police station to sort it out. He wasn't 'busted' aggressively by police, it was very quiet and peaceful. I definitely didn't hear him say anything anti-Semitic, or against any religion, it was all very calm."

Galliano was reportedly released from police custody this morning. Regardless, Reuters has confirmed that the designer has been suspended by Christian Dior until further notice, releasing the statement:

"Dior affirms with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any anti-Semitic or racist words or behaviour," Dior chief executive Sidney Toledano said in a statement. "Pending the results of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from his responsibilities."

Stay tuned for more details on this shocking situation as they are revealed.

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: Vogue UK, Reuters

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