Fashion Week Blogger Style Basics

February 27, 2011 • Magazine

Fashion Week Blogger Style Basics

Fashion Week Blogger Style Basics

Sun, 2000-02-27 02:00

Taneisha Jordan

New York Fashion Week was full of fashionable people from every corner of the world. There were so many people sporting so many different styles, it was trend overload! But as a team of fashion bloggers ourselves, we know how to stay ahead of the fashion curve while staying true to our own style and not getting lost on the shuffle.

There was one thing I noticed through the sea of celebrities, gawkers, freeloaders and hanger-ons… I could always tell which people were actually at the tents to do work. Being a Style Sleuth and all, one thing to know is that most fashion bloggers base their ensembles around two basic concepts: trendsetting and (more importantly) comfort. I cannot tell you how many 12-hour days are spent running all around Manhattan, taking notes and pictures on shows, twittering, FaceBook-ing, lugging around your laptop and still trying to stay cool. And this all all before the after-parties! You could go crazy trying to keep your outfits together without changing over five times a day. Now, no one is saying you have to go all out like BryanBoy or Tavi… you can keep the eccentricities to a minimum. Just add a few little luxury essentials to an everyday (or nighttime) look for instant style.
One big trend I noticed was either a 3/4 faux fur jacket or a big furry vest. This is a piece that can a.) keep you warm without a bulky coat, b.) can liven up any blah outfit you might have on underneath, and c.) keeps your arms free to move around. In this case, it will actually be easier to buy a faux fur because it will be lighter than an animal fur and will keep you just as warm.

You most definitely need that one dress that can take you from day to night in a flash. Yes, we’re back to the little black dress, because when you’re too busy worrying if you can make it across the city stuck in a traffic jam to make that last important show, worrying about spilling your coffee can slip your mind.

Especially in winter, the freezing wind can be daunting on your skin. So, you can imagine what it would feel like on bare legs. Colorful tights were definitely the way to go when wearing skirts.

And speaking of freezing wind, you don’t want it to muss up your hair (that you spent more than an hour on). You could just throw on any old hat, but you can stay ahead of the curve and try a sleek turban on for size.

Lastly, black wedges go with most outfits so what better place to wear them than at Fashion Week! They won’t hurt your feet as much as stilettos and they’ll keep your feet warm on blustery winter days. On the plus side, they’ll even work in spring and fall, so you can wear them about nine months out of the year!

Now, everyone can be stylish without having to worry about changing outfits or being off-trend!

1. Juicy Couture Reversible Faux Fur Vest $174
2. ASOS Oversize Collar Faux Fur Coat $44.83
3. Narciso Rodriguez Cutout Wool-Blend Dress $882.50
4. Elizabeth and James Farah Stretch-Jersey and Lace Dress $425
5. Wolford Fabric Ribbon Tights $59.17
6. Gold Saturn Pitch Black Turban $39
7. Steve Madden Astroid $129.95

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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