Legally Yours. Situation Worsens for John Galliano

February 28, 2011 • Fashion

John Galliano being led by police into Paris' third arrondissement

Sick of discussing the Oscars yet? If so, we have an update on a completely unrelated situation, though one we're not too happy about. Last Friday, the fashion world was rocked by the news that John Galliano, couturier for Christian Dior, was arrested after allegedly verbally assaulting a couple, including the use of anti-semitic slurs, at the Parisian cafe, Le Perle. 

Several witness reports have been released since, many of them relinquishing Galliano of the reported racial slurs, though most admitted to witnessing the designer drunk and calling the woman of the couple "ugly" and saying she had an "ugly" bag as well. This was however, a reported reaction to the couple instigating Galliano first, calling him "ugly" and "disgusting" as well. After the situation escalated and the man of the couple apparently threatened Galliano (to which the designer reportedly referred to him as "Asian"), the police were called and the designer cooperated completely.

Friday morning  Christian Dior issued an immediate statement claiming they had "zero tolerance" for any type of behavior that may have been interpreted as anti-Semitic or racist in any other way and that Galliano was suspended from the house until a resolution could be reached. The same day, Galliano filed a claim of defamation, injury and menace against the couple, by then identified as Géraldine Bloch and  Philippe Virgiti.

Today, the storm seems to be worsening for Galliano as another complaint against him alleging anti-Semitic remarks was filed Saturday with Paris police, the designer’s lawyer Stéphane Zerbib confirmed. An anonymous woman has come out and claimed she too had been the victim of a verbal attack at La Perle café a few weeks ago. And even if that suspiciously well-timed claim can be dismissed, British tabloid The Sun has also released a cell-phone video apparently featuring Galliano making references to Hitler and murder while cursing in a drunken voice. Eek, this does not look good.

A meeting between the three parties is scheduled to take place this afternoon at the police station of Paris’ third arrondissement. WWD reported on the story, noting the new complaint will be discussed. Under French law, the penalty for defamation can be one year in prison and a fine of $61,884, or either one of those punishments. For insult, the sentence may be six months imprisonment and a fine of $30,942, or one of those penalties. We're just not sure how this one will pan out……

-Alia Rajput

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Photo Source: WWD

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