Falling For Fashion All Over Again

March 1, 2011 • Male Box, Yahoo


Fashion’s Future is Bright!

Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

As those of you who have followed me through a Fall Winter New York Fashion Week or two know, I always take time away from pouty models stalking the catwalks to watch some bitches in choke chains strut and get judged. Before any of my newer readers start thinking me a misogynist, I should mention that I’m talking about my annual foray to the Westminster Kennel Club. From “Best Show” to “Best in Show” and back, I run the full gamut of the best that America has to offer, be it fashion or purebred dogs. This season was no different for me but the mood in both venues – Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden – was strikingly similar in its hopefulness for the future.

As the general population slowly pulls out of the recession of recent years, fashion marches confidently forward into better times. Last fall, we saw a preview of what was to come (and is just now starting to arrive in stores) and “the future” looked bright. Fall 2011 – if the denizens of fashion land are to be believed – will bring luxury like we haven’t seen since the dawn of the “Greed is Good” 1980s. I was one of those fashion folk who thought it “only appropriate” to tone it down, both lifestyle and fashion-wise, in the post-September 11th period, but after 10 years, I and the designers who showed this season are ready to let loose.

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