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March 1, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo

Joseph and I would like to break this list down by best dressed/worst dressed…the problem is, we can't agree on who we thought looked great and who bombed. So here is a hodgepodge of our opinions…or spars. This is the first time Joseph and I actually watched the red carpet together, so we already had an idea what we thought, but he was making me laugh so hard at the time…I forgot.

Halle Berry in Marchesa Fall 2011

He Said: I think she over-reacted to the backlash over her back on the market LBD at the SAG awards by going all Disney princess on us. It was too much froth and fairy dust for my taste. Her sexuality is always just under the surface – remember her as Catwoman? Her clothes should reflect that. I would have rather she showed up in the Givenchy leopard get-up that Nicki Minaj wore to the Grammys instead of looking like a wedding cake.

She Said: I thought this was a HUGE improvement over the SAG Awards disaster! I loved the entire look from the hip up. There was just too much tulle going on down below. What can I say? She's gorgeous. I hate her.

Annette Bening in Naeem Khan Fall 2011

He Said: Annette Benning is really rocking the Old Hollywood glamour of the 30s and 40s lately – but with totally modern designs. This dress was amazing on her and the optical effect of the beading was just dazzling.

She Said: Oh thank God. I thought maybe the SAG Awards hit was a fluke after her Golden Globes 'Hair in a Blender' fiasco. She has now proven that she has taste. Well done! Two words: stun ing.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture

He Said: Cate Blanchett was hands down my Best Dressed of the evening! The minute I saw it I thought so. It's so totally "of the moment" – the color, the fabric, the shape are all this moment right now! She picked a gorgeous dress and didn't mess it up with borrowed jewelry – more on that later…

She Said: As Joseph knows when I first saw this I was like "No!", but some things take a little longer to appreciate, like this gown. I now love it. Cate breathes fashion and she wears it well. If she appeared on the red carpet in a gown like Halle Berry we would scratch our heads. Cate is not a sex symbol. She is a true fashion maverick and for that I am grateful. This dress from the back is even more stunning.

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa Resort 2011

He Said: This is the Oscars, not the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. What idiot told her to wear tea-length anything on a red carpet anywhere? Hop on My Pretty Pony and ride back to your dolly tea party and tell Raggedy Ann and your other imaginary friends that their advice sucks. Ask a real live grown up stylist what to wear next time…

She Said: Joseph! A real live grown up stylist would have dressed her like Miley Cyrus! I think she is spot-on adorable! She's 14! Her look from headband to toe is totally age appropriate. Give her time. She has many years to come of looking like a hooker.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture

He Said: Lavender is not a color I would have picked for this season but the bodice of the dress looked great in the interview box on my tv with the news zipper cutting across her waist. The full length view of the dress was not so great – a little too much going on. I thought it was too fussy for a young and very pretty actress.

She Said: This was one of may favorite looks of the evening! I thought she looked flawless. Yes the doilies over the boobs were a little off-putting, but the color and fit were amazing. Three for three red carpets girl!

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

He Said: Natalie Portman hit another home run – at a time when anyone would have forgiven a dress that was "just ok". She looked radiant in this deep rich color and it struck the right note for the oscars just like the pink Viktor and Rolf was perfect for the SAG awards. The shape of this dress has me thinking of the Empress Josephine – simple, elegant, and ultimately, regal!

She Said: Now THIS is how you look glamorous while pregnant! Finally she got it right…and when it counted for her big win! This dress was the prefect color, accentuated her boobs and then fell beautifully over her bump. Now she looses points for the matchy-matchy matronly shoes, but I'll forgive her this one. Oh, and the Chinatown special earrings were not my favorite, but I digress.


Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011

He Said: I loved the galaxy beading in Monique Llhulier's recent runway so much that I jotted "Oscar nominee" next to the look in my run of show. Mandy Moore's version in pale nude with the off the shoulder illusion was sheer – pun intended – perfection! She looked every bit the epitome of what's good – fashion wise – about young Hollywood.

She Said: This is the best she has EVER looked. In fact, I had no idea who this was at first. I agree this gown was pure perfection. As was her hair and makeup. Loved, loved, loved.

Michelle Williams in Chanel

He Said: I love her hair and makeup – she looks like a fresh faced pixie ingenue from the 1960s. Unfortunately, this dress belongs on someone in her 60s. Had Helen Mirren, who actually is in her 60s, not rocked out in Vivienne Westwood, she could have made this dress work. Greige may be the ultrachic blend of grey and beige but this dress is the bastard child of unflattering and ill fitting. I hate it when Hollywood actresses take a gorgeous runway look and change the fit to suit their figure or so-called taste. Had she worn it in its original A-line shape it would have worked with her look. She could have been 60s Mod Barbie to Reese Witherspoon's 60s socialite Barbie.

She Said: I agree with you…for the most part. When your hair is that blond and your skin that pale, a greige gown may not be the best choice unless you want to disappear. I thought the gown was stunning, but would have looked better on someone with a darker complexion and hair.


Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott Fall 2011

He Said: I’ve been trying to make navy blue happen on the red carpet – but on the men, not the women. It already had its moment – on Oscar winner Hilary Swank in 1995, backless Guy Laroche with long sleeves. Amy’s coloring is too fair for navy to work well on her; you have to be a little darker. This shoulder works better with a long sleeve – that why we love it in a Balmain motorcycle jacket– on Rihanna. This looks like she’s a line backer who forgot to put a jersey over her shoulder pads. One of the things I liked about this Oscar red carpet more than others in recent memory is the dearth of borrowed jewels. This dress totally did not need a necklace and looked worse for having one. 

She Said: This look failed for me on so may levels. The color is the least of the problems. The cut is confusing. The neckline is too high and the sleeves cut in the wrong place, yes, making her look like a linebacker. Her hair should have been in an updo with this style and that necklace? I don't get it at all. It looks like an afterthought and does not go with the dress at all.

Marisa Tomei in Vintage Charles James

He Said: Charles James? Really? Babe Paley must be rolling over in her grave. She relied on this maestro to dress her for some of her most important public events.  What Marisa – and her stylist – obviously don’t know is that vintage gowns of this era have a silhouette all their own – the fantasy creation of the designer that was often not based in what real women’s bodies looked like then, let alone today.  Mrs. Paley knew that – that’s why she had dozens of labeled drawers in her walk-in closet with the correct types of undergarments for each designer’s silhouette. You can’t just grab a gown from a different era, thrown on a strapless Victoria’s Secret pushup bra and a Spanx “Higher Power” tummy slimmer and call it a day. You have to build this look from the inside out. I’m appalled that a beautifully constructed piece of fashion history that probably belongs at the Costume Institute was done such a grave – and very public – disservice. Boo!

She Said: I really don't know how to follow Joseph's comments. Well other than I had a visceral reaction to this dress and her hair. It doesn't fit her well. Just check out the bust line. Then the tulle which jets out out inexplicably? Oh I'm at a loss. This is seriously tragic and my worst dressed pick by far!


Sharon Stone in Christian Dior

He Said: Was this a political statement? Is she in mourning? A widow in black grieving over the suspension of John Galliano from his position at Dior? This was a very “hard” look from the woman who once showed up in a T-shirt from the GAP. Did she get bumped off Law and Order? Is she bucking for a guest role on True Blood – as the Vampire Queen of Hollywood? 

She Said: OK. I think this a vast improvement from a woman who has clearly gone batshit crazy. She obviously hasn't eaten in a week which will make anyone cranky. Her dress would be beautiful if it weren't for the dead bird hanging from her shoulder. I loved her updo and although her eye makeup was a little too severe for someone her age…I think this is the best she has looked (or possibly will ever look again) in a long while. Now go eat a cheeseburger.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein Collection

He Said: I thought Gwyneth looked amazing!  The waterfall effect of the bugle beading was simply divine. She’s tall and slim but she doesn’t really have a runway model figure like Nicole Kidman. It made me think of the Silver Surfer from the comic books and the film Metropolis – the future of fashion on the red carpet today.  It wasn’t really “current” in terms of fashion trends but I liked it a lot.  

She Said: I keep going back and forth about this look. One minute I like it and the next I don't. The dress does suit her boyish figure and is ultra modern. It's the hair that I don't care for, but I recognize the super straight sleek style goes with the dress. I think its throwing me off because it's not 2045. Then I think this look is going to be super hot and on trend. Just don't rush me.

Melissa Leo in Marc Bouwer

He Said: I have no context for this at all… The design is obviously conceptual and merits further investigation from a fashion perspective, but since this is the Oscars, if you have to ask… It's somewhere between the Prada Guipur lace of several seasons ago and a laser cut paper chandelier by Tord Boontje – either way, it's not "now".

She Said: She is going to look back on pictures of herself with her big Oscar win and think "what was I thinking?" and there the photos will be for prosperity. This dress is a disaster and considering it was made for her, doesn't fit her very well. At least the bottom half. If you caught a profile shot of her she looked big because there is too much fabric. I think had the dress had a different skirt I might not have hated it so much. Wearing a doilie from head-to-toe is not a good idea.

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana

He Said: This is the long, colorful version of Halle Berry’s “I’m over whatshisname” peekaboo Nina Ricci number at the SAG awards, but she just got it wrong. Too sexy on the newly single just reeks of desperation. You can see it swirling around her like the big cloud of dust around PigPen in the Peanuts cartoons. She should have taken a cue from Sandra Bullock whose Lady in Red look by Vera Wang got it right. If you want to show the world you’re OK after your breakup, then take the high road fashion-wise and avoid anything that might land you on Fashion Police’s Starlet or Streetwalker.

She Said: Speaking of doilies! Who knew they came in purple and pink? As I tweeted at the time she walked the red carpet "You are supposed to make your ex jealous!" This look is going to make Ryan Reynolds not give a damn and think the girl has lost her mind. Seriously? First of all, ScarJo is known for her va-va-voom body and this dress is too restrictive. It does nothing for her! Don't even get me started on her hair! Really.


Jennifer Hudson in Atelier Versace Spring 2008 Couture

He Said: Three years old (from 2008) – even if it’s haute couture – is not “vintage”.  It’s just “old.”  She did get the color – tangerine orange for our non-HD readers who thought it was red – but the rest of it was just a disaster.  I simply don’t understand why any girl with hips – and especially one who is newly slim – would wear asymmetrical full skirt anything. When J. Lo wore the Armani Prive I said it looked like the freeway on-ramp to the land that fashion forgot. Let’s hope this is the off-ramp. 

She Said: This is a classic case of a fat girl gone thin who is going to go crazy with the in-your-face tight, hooker wear. I can just see it. Case in point, her chest area is vulgar. Not for the Oscars red carpet! Keep it classy. There are better ways to show of your new hot bod. Get a stylist, they will show you how. Now I agree the color was awesome…the cut however, not so much.

Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture

He Said: She refused to comment on Galliano’s suspension, but I have to believe that a woman who consistently hits it out of the park on the red carpet in straight-off-the-runway looks would only wear this dress as a show of support for a designer who is being pilloried in the world’s press. How could she not?  The look was a little too bridal and in both video and stills the dress just looks “stiff”. The dress belongs in some dusty storeroom of the Costume Institute to be dragged out for retrospective exhibitions – not ascending the steps for the Met Ball or on any other red carpet. 

She Said: Hey Nicole, the Pope called, he wants his robe back. Fitting considering the bile Galliano has hurled about Jews, I suppose. This gown may have looked great on the model on the runway, but not so much on Nicole. It looks stiff and ill-fitted. It's also too long. What happened to our red carpet darling? She has been batting goose eggs of late.

– Lauren Dimet Waters & Joseph Ungoco

Photos: WireImage

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