How To Not Get Pinched On St. Patrick’s Day

March 3, 2011 • Beauty, Holiday, Shopping, Yahoo

It's officially March. The month of spring, McDonald's Shamrock shake and of course St. Patrick's Day! A day all about the lucky ones, how did the unlucky tradition of being pinched get started? This year stay safe of the pinchers and make sure you look great in green for the special occasion. 

Picture 1

Nothing like a fun nail color to get your green taken care of. A shimmery golden-green shade like OPI's "Glow Up Already!" is a shining shade that won't make you look like you picked your color at a sleepover.

Picture 8
A little ridiculous and a lot of fun. Nothing like a themed panty to get you (and whoever else is seeing them) in the mood for the day! Victoria's Secret Pink has got your tush covered for St. Patty's.

Picture 3Not all qualifying green has to be cheesy. A beautiful, rich emerald top works perfectly in the professional world and at the bar later celebrating your "Irish heritage."

Picture 6
Nothing like a themed holiday to use as an excuse to get a new bag. In the spirit, splurge on a Marc Jacobs bag in a beautiful spinach color that will last way past your hangover.

-Kat Bremhorst

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