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March 3, 2011 • Shopping, Yahoo

Reach for the Sky

Clockwise: Rock & Republic Celina, Christian Louboutin Champagne Satin, Aperlai Fox Fur Ankle Boot, Christian Louboutin Nude, Rock & Republic Chickory, Iris Van Herpen Iris Shoe, YSL Metallic Platform, & Sakura Suede Pump

I had a chance to visit the mall the other weekend; something I rarely do now since graduating high school and moving out of the suburbs. It was nice shop inside and out of the cold! Boutique shopping in the city can get quite tiresome when your hopping from block to block where snow and ice obstacles could cause your demise.

Another thing that might cause you trip this upcoming spring/summer could be the height our our stiilettos! Every single display case featured platforms that were at least 4 inches high with a broad base in the front. The ultimate formula for disaster!

My experience with these kind of "hot to trot" shoes is the thickness of base in front makes it hard to feel for uneveness on the ground, so you can easily get tipped over by absolutely anything. I've once toppled over because an insignificant pepple on the street sent me hurdling to the ground while a whole bunch of handsome gents watched the whole ordeal! It was not only embarrassing, but I lost my dignity and a shoe in the process.

So please heed my cautionary tale while walking the trecherous streets of our lovely city! I also suggest only strolling on smooth streets, bring a broom to sweep away debris as you walk, and wear protective gear like knee-pads! Besides, even if you do take a tumble because of those skyscraper heels, you can always pick yourself up and continue on being fabulous.

—Yen Le

Rock & Republic Celina

Christian Louboutin Champagne Satin

Aperlai Fox Fur Ankle Boot

Christian Louboutin Nude

Rock & Republic Chickory

Iris Van Herpen Iris Shoe

YSL Metallic Platform

Sakura Suede Pump

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