Legally Yours. Dov Charney Sued for Sexually Assaulting Employee

March 9, 2011 • Fashion

Somebody PLEASE put this man away!!

If it was at all possible to outdo himself in creepy and disgusting behavior, Dov Charney has done it. The founder and CEO of American Apparel has been slapped with a lawsuit from a former employee who claims Charney allegedly turned her into his sex slave, forcing her to send him nude pictures and texts before sodomizing her soon after her 18th birthday.

According to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Charney began harassing Irene Morales in August 2007 when she was 17, working as a sales associate in an American Apparel store. Charney allegedly told Morales that she would be fired if she did not detail her sexual history, engage in "increasingly explicit" sexual functions and send him sexually explicit pictures.  Charney also allegedly told Morales that in order to keep her job and be promoted, she would have to have sex with him as soon as she turned 18.

Morales is claiming that once she turned 18, Charney demanded she visit him in his Manhattan apartment which she did. He then forced her to perform a number of sexual acts on him. The experience caused Morales to to become "increasingly nervous and depressed," forcing a hospital stay after an "emotional breakdown," the suit alleges, adding "She has undergone extensive psychiatric treatment and is suffering from "serious psychiatric injuries from which she will never recover." Her lawyer, Eric Baum of the firm Simon, Eisenberg and Baum said, "We're very concerned about her well-being.''

The now 20 year old Irene Morales is seeking $250,000,000 in damages in the lawsuit against Charney, American Apparel and members of the company’s board of directors. Let's hope that if this time, the verdict doesn't put Charney in jail, it will at least (finally!) put him out of business!

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: The New York Post

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