Restore And Renew Your Winter Skin

March 9, 2011 • Beauty, Yahoo


Kelley Epps Woods for Second City Style Magazine

With spring on it's way, some of us have started our spring cleaning, got our gym memberships back and scheduled our salon appointments. For me it's always the time to get my face back to it's pre-winter radiance. My skin always faces the biggest challenges over the winter months due to breakouts from food allergies, dry skin from the air, and splotchy skin from product over-use. I know we have all had our share of the winter blues, but we can revive and renew our skin with some great treatment masks that will bring it back to life.
You can't go wrong with the good 'ole faithful Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask. This was one of the first masks I ever used as a teenager when I first entered my 'girly' stage.  For less than $5 this mask does everything a mask is suppose to do. It gives me the 'tingly' feel we all think we need in order to know it's working and it also tightens and cleanses.  You can't beat Queen Helen's price and effectiveness if you want a great mud mask. 
I first discovered Astara Blue Flame Purifying Mask as I was getting a facial at a spa in Virginia, and all I can say is that this mask is amazing. With  key ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Vitamin E, Sage, Rosemary and Lemongrass it is one of the best detoxifying masks I have every tried. Not only is it refreshing and smells heavenly, but it's great for oily skin and perfect as a spot treatment. You may look like a dotted zombie by morning, but it works!

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