The Truth About Rachel Zoe: Why We Just Can’t Get Enough

March 10, 2011 • Celebrity Style, Yahoo


Let's face it: we've all had a moment of eye roll when hearing something about Rachel Zoe. The supposed self-glorified celebrity stylist who supposedly runs around all day on her five inch Brian Atwoods feeding her clients drugs and starving herself into oblivion.  Well, whether you've seen an episode of her Bravo series "The Rachel Zoe Project" or not, here's the thing about those preconceived notions: none of them are true. Not one. 

Zoe has indeed been on the frontlines of fashion for years now, having styled every notable name from Britney Spears in her early pop sensation days to Anne Hathaway's staggering eight looks as last month's Academy Awards co-host. And such prolonged exposure, especially in such a critical industry as fashion, means that someone is always watching you. Zoe has been scrutinized and labeled as every possible fashion insider stereotype: ice queen, diva, junkie, anorexic, crazy, etc. But once the smoke clears after the media has taken their shots, what remains is a self-made woman who is at once a vicious creative talent and fiercely powerful business woman who is steadily building a very successful  branding empire. Oh, and is also in the midst of a full-term pregnancy (and still looks gorgeous).

The Hollywood Reporter should be lauded for their recent article on Rachel Zoe, a portrait of, well, just who she really is: a person well beyond the oversized sunglasses and venti Starbucks cups. A person who many of the most revered designers and editors in the business trust their entire livelihoods with a still call her "nice." A person who uses her gut instinct "99%" of the time, the result of which has turned her into a household name even more so than the A-listers she styles. And a person who is in love and ready to have her first child with her husband and partner of over 13 years.

We're done with our eye rolling about Rachel Zoe. She deserves all the kudos she gets for how hard she's worked doing something she truly loves and we're actually inspired by the moves she's making today in the world of fashion. Intrigued yet? Good, because once you read the full article, we're almost positive you'll be joining the legions who say, as her husband Roger Berman puts it, "I really wanted to hate her, but she seems so nice." 

Read 'How Rachel Zoe Became Hollywood's Most Powerful Fashion Player' by The Hollywood Reporter here.

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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