Top 5 Tips To Stick To A Budget With Vintage Clothing

March 10, 2011 • Yahoo


Angel Cutsforth for Second City Style Magazine

There is always that fear when you find a gorgeous vintage item that it won't be there unless you buy it at that very minute. You click the buy it now button without thinking about the items and without thinking about the cost, you head to the till without trying things on, and then you end up with something beautiful but unwearable or unpractical in your closet waiting for you to sell it on or donate it.

Here are some quick tips that I've learned over time, and while they may seem similar to tips about normal shopping, they are the best tips for vintage shopping.

Keep A Wish List
At the moment I have a 1950's black circle skirt on my wish list and I am not allowed to buy anything other than that item. If I find something else then I can not buy it, I add it to my favorites or a list where if I think of the item again and again I will consider allowing myself to buy it. My wish list is also arranged by urgency and I give myself a maximum price per item as well.

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  1. These days, most trendsetters dig more on thrift shops to hunt for fashionable clothes. Being, hip does not mean you have to spend more or a lot too much budget on it. Fashion is not in the clothes alone but how you carry them with style. The advantage is that, there’s old and new, coz even the 60’s fashion is in today.

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