Bad Judgement Du Jour. No More Barneys Warehouse Sale?

March 15, 2011 • Fashion, Shopping, Yahoo

Typical line to get into the Barneys Warehouse Sale

The New York Post reported yesterday and Racked NY reiterated today that Mark Lee, Barneys's new CEO and and former Gucci head, is taking his job of revamping the struggling store to a whole new level—and we're not sure we like it. Lee is reportedly planning to stop the famous Barneys Warehouse Sale (gasp!). According to insiders, Lee been known to "look down" on the concept of the warehouse sale, the bi-annual event of discounting designer items that Barneys was one of the first to spearhead. The Post reported that Lee has already begun his initiative, having shipped off some of the most envious of items to clearance centers before the most recent sale had even begun, significantly limiting the inventory and as a result, watering down the entire experience. "It was a total bust," insiders told The Post. "What once was a prototypical New York experience has been diminished to an idea of what it was."

If the warehouse sale were to become completely extinct, sources are saying that Barneys overstock would be sold in more "prestigious" ways such as an online sample sale site. Sure, that's much more civilized of a solution; but where is the visceral reaction in that? Where is the excitement and anticipation? Where is the glowing triumph when you've managed to snatch the last Marc Jacobs dress out of that other woman's hands? I think that in this day and age of virtual living, some things still need to be actually experienced.

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: The New York Post, Racked NY

Photo Source: NY Mag

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